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Painter of Flowers

David K. Nieman, painter of flowers, was a Fine Arts major in Wilkes College and studied in a vibrant art department where he developed his artistic interest. But after college he succumbed to the world of business and only dabbled in painting. To be exact: He fell into the world of automobiles: their sales and management, advertising and consulting. Through visual marketing, his creativity thrived as he designed and drew ads for clients on the spot.

Since retiring in January 2018, he has jumped seriously into painting, completing many watercolors and acrylics – enough to exhibit. He works on several at a time, switching from one medium to the other, a stimulating process that allows him to complete a piece per week.

At a recent exhibit in Scranton, Pennsylvania, David displayed 18 paintings of gardens and florals, subjects that enchant him. “To me, color is everything and flowers and gardens and vegetation are the most colorful things in the world. That’s how I got into painting – the florals and the brilliance of their colors.”

The painting, Beside the Fence, was created entirely from his imagination, though sometimes he works from photos he takes. He also works in plein air, finishing the piece at home. “When I get into the colors and the design, the piece feeds on itself and my imagination takes over.” David’s work is impressionism-influenced and filled with lush vegetation inspired sometimes just by walking down a path, seeing colors and shapes in, say, a hedge, the raw materials that put paint on his brush.

“When you’re talking about brilliance of color on the face of the earth, the flowers have it. Brilliance, color, how they relate, that’s what shapes the way your eye references something. I have an affinity to have the color be somewhat striking – even on buildings. I’m not a dull, drab, muted-color person.” David loves these media so he can work quickly in layers as he builds up paint on 300- or 140-pound watercolor paper to get just the color he wants.

Not surprisingly, the plantings are lush on his Wilkes-Barre property, including lots of rhododendrons and woodland behind his house. One of his nearby pleasures is driving through the Endless Mountains in Northeast PA.

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published March 26, 2019

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Beside the Fence, by David K. Nieman

In the Garden, by David K. Nieman

Lantern in the Brush, by David K. Nieman

The Color of Light, by David K. Nieman

The Meadow's Symphony, by David K. Nieman

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