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March 2010

My new seeds just arrived from Renee’s Garden:
Sweet peas ‘Perfume Delight’ – fragrant
Sunflower ‘Van Gogh’
Amaranth ‘Cinco de Mayo’ – a visual fiesta!
Nicotiana ‘Jasmine Alata’ – fragrant
Monarda ‘Bergamo Bouquet’ – fragrant
Nasturtium ‘Whirlybird Mix’
Morning Glory ‘Mailbox Mix’ – Heavenly Blue & Pearly Gates
Four O’Clocks ‘broken Colors’ – fragrant
Zinnia ‘Cut and Come Again’
Beets ‘Red Sangria,’ ‘Golden’ and ‘Striped Chioggia’
Spinach ‘Catalina’ Spinach – ‘Summer Perfection’
Celery ‘Amsterdam’ – of the ParCel type
Crookneck Squash ‘Sunny Supersette’
Pole Beans ‘Spanish Musica’
Pole Filet Beans ‘French Gold’
Pattypan Squash ‘Summer Scallop Trio’ – Sunburst, Starship, Peter Pan
French Baby Carrots ‘Babette’

This week I’ll dig into my seeds from last year and start transplants and plant peas. Meanwhile, I hack away at poison ivy, multiflora rose and wild grape that have formed a Sleeping Beauty-like impenetrable hedge on my garage. My plan? Renee’s Van Gogh sunflowers.

by Mary Jasch

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