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July 2010
Work and Pleasure

The conversion of my old dog pen to vegetable garden is slow. Looks like it will gain the same progress as last year when it was begun in July.

Spanish Musica beans and golden pole filet beans are up, as are Van Gogh sunflowers and Tithonia, yellow crookneck squash (my favorite), two carrots, heirloom climbing Trombetta squash and an heirloom pumpkin or melon that sprouted from last year. The seeds are all from Renee’s Garden.

My Italian Pompeii tomatoes that I started from seed are bearing fruit. They were scraggly but as soon as they went into the ground – Voila! As did the heliotrope. The transformation of seedlings when planted in earth is astounding.

I must admit the reason I am delinquent. From dire need I started a gardening business which took off like wildfire. People tell me that good gardeners are in demand – and I am! I also admit it has taken me TWO MONTHS to be able to come home at the end of the day and have energy left to think and work on my own garden. (My clients live on shale hillsides.) I had begun wondering if I were physically capable, but now I am certain I am and in better shape than maybe ever.

Working in other people’s gardens is wonderful. I am learning tons and want to learn it all. I feel less intimidated about my one acre of rolling terrain and old shrubs. I can’t wait to get at the shrubs, my land and veggie garden at the end of the day and weekends.

Taking classes and workshops when able is also exciting. A recent lilac-pruning workshop at New Jersey Botanical Garden was fun and valuable. I want more. As I work and learn, I am developing new plans for my little piece of heaven. I’ll keep you posted.

by Mary Jasch

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