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May 2016
The Resurrection of a Veggie Garden

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Veggie garden planting season will be in full swing next week, I think. So far, Iím delighted to report that my fava beans are about three inches tall and my snow peas are are flourishing.

Swiss chard is has seed leaves so far after planting a few days ago in a terraced bed alongside my walkway on a hill. Ballerina rose and Nepeta ĎJunior Walkerí occupy the bed and soon Iíll plant Thunbergia seed to climb up to and crawl around the wrought iron railing. And on second thought, Iíll move my never-been-able-to-grow variegated azalea out from under daffodils, iris and day lilies where I put the dispensable chard.

All my seeds are from last yearís from Reneeís Garden and were kept in the refrigerator with more to come!

Tons of work to do in the veg garden after three years of neglect and Iím looking forward to it. Raspberry brambles (Iíll pull them out after I eat the berries), sumac with a four-inch trunk, multiflora roseÖ Itís all there.

No rototilling this year. Iíll hand dig beds so as not to disturb whatever rock borders remain under the weeds. Tree branches left behind by a man who chain-sawed fallen trees for firewood will make good borders too.

Though the garden looks appalling right now (even to me) the peas and beans encourage me.

Stay tuned. My dog pen-turned vegetable garden awaits!

**All photos by Mary Jasch

by Mary Jasch

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