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June 2017

Into the Garden

At Julian’s balcony garden, we refreshed the pots containing Walmart “potting soil,” composed mostly of bark chips, with Fafard Container Soil mixed with Potting Soil for water retention.

We planted Renee’s Garden seeds of 2015 Dukat Leafy Dill and Dutch Darkibor Triple-Curled Kale, 2016 Organic Rustic Style Arugula and 2017 Heirloom French Chervil and Burpee Organic Salad Bowl Lettuce.

Our next project is to dig up part of Julian’s backyard and start an in-ground garden.

At my New Jersey country garden, I rolled tree-sized Vietnamese ceramics from the deck through the kitchen to the front walk where I planted them with 2017 Renee’s Garden Sugar Pod Peas, and 2014 Wild Garden Frills Heirloom Russian Kale and French Flounce Oriental Poppies with a centrally-located cayenne pepper. Strangely, white petunias grew from seed instead of poppies!

In one of two smaller, columnar planters a Cherokee Purple tomato grows. The other contains a burgundy grass, two marigolds, and bacopa that I hope can handle drying.

Since i posted this, we've harvested the Heirloom Russian Kale and Thai basil that self-seeded with the mystery petunias that grew in place of poppies and the tomatoes and peas have flowers.

Let the season begin!

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