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February 2019

Spring in My Mailbox

The first sign of Spring has arrived in my mailbox amidst single digit numbers!

Seeds for the garden arrived on February 3. Thank you John Scheepers for your much enjoyed and appreciated Kitchen Garden Seeds catalog and eight packets of seeds!

The flowers are: Zinnias – The Queen Lime Zinnia Mixture of 3-foot mostly lime-colored with accents of red, blush pink, orange and pure-lime; Split Second Morning Glories with shredded pink and white petals forming 2-inch puffballs on 6-12-inch stems; Xsenia Cosmos, 2-foot tall pink and peach petals and mustard centers; Bloody Mary Nasturtium Mix with streaks and blotches of cream and red, pot perfect at 1 foot long.

The Queen Orange Lime zinnia is gorgeous and I can’t wait to grow it.

“It is downright DREAMY,” states Michelle Gervais, Flower Bulb Fanatic & Seed-Savvy Gardener at Kitchen Garden Seeds. “I thought I couldn't love a zinnia more than I love Queen Red Lime, much less love an orange flower, but it makes me swoon!”

And now for the veggies: French heirloom Oxheart Carrots; Lisboa Slicing Cucumbers, long, slender and almost seedless; Dutch heirloom Speckles Loose-Leaf Lettuce; and Dragon’s Tongue Bush Beans, a stringless Dutch heirloom with edible raw, purple-streaked pale yellow pods.

All eight flowers and vegetables are new this year at John Scheepers Kitchen Garden Seeds. On order: Thunbergia 'Blushing Susie,' pink Daucus carota Dara, and Love Lies Bleeding.

Despite recent single-digit day temperatures, there is hope with the gift of seeds. I know now that Spring is on its way! Thank you John Scheepers for warming my day!

John Scheepers Kitchen Garden Seeds: www.kitchengardenseeds.com/

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