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Garden Bus Trips

Bus Trp: September Stroll, September 13

July 31, 2017

Visiting these two spectacular gardens will take you away into another world. You’ll leave everything behind for a whole day - and maybe even more - without a thought.

Perhaps Alice Corcoran, a frequent Rollin’ Garden Party Bus-Tripper says it best: Thank you for a wonderful day yesterday. When I get home from your trips I always feel that I was on a mini vacation. Thanks again.” Alice Corcoran

STOP 1: Innisfree Garden We’ll have a 1.5-hour guided tour led by Kate Kerrin, Innisfree Gardens Landscape Curator and Garden Conservancy’s Director of Recruitment. Recognized as one of the “world’s ten best gardens, Innisfree merges the essence of Modernist and Romantic ideas with traditional Chinese and Japanese garden design principles that evolved through subtle handling of the site and slow manipulation of its ecology by landscape architect Lester Collins, with important contributions by his clients, artist and teacher Walter Beck and gardener and heiress Marion Beck.

“At its core, Innisfree is about the individual’s experience in nature. The result is a distinctly American stroll garden — a sublime composition of rock, water, wood, and sky achieved with remarkable economy and grace.” [Rory Stuart, What are Gardens For? Experiencing, Making and Thinking about Gardens 2012]
innisfree garden

After the tour, we’ll enjoy a boxed lunch in the garden at Innisfree from Babette’s Kitchen. babette's kitchen

STOP 2 Junto Farm Just fifteen minutes away, we’ll have a guided tour of Junto Farm, “the 150-acre private residence is a modern house of mahogany and glass on a grass plinth overlooking the Taconic mountain range. The plan strategy was to unify the unique language of the architecture with the inherent qualities of the land. Elements of the plan include belvedere with council ring, pool, tennis court, hedge maze, several orchards, trout pond, solar installation, meadow reclamation and an extensive, growing private outdoor art collection.” (Raycroft Meyer Landscape Architecture)

The tour will be led by either the site’s landscape architect Peter Meyer, if he can make the trek from Vermont, or Kate Kerrin, landscape curator.

“My goal throughout has been to create the forty most beautiful acres in America. Our garden is a community with dozens of inspired people contributing to its creation Many of the trees and plants were selected for their connection to powerful memories from my past.

“The house and gardens reflect contrasting ideas and impulses: modernism versus romance and whimsy; geometry versus organic sweeps of plants; formal organization versus wild, instinctive and improvisational elements. The gardens are full of scents to evoke emotion, bouquets for the picking, and everywhere food to harvest—an edible landscape.” (An Owner) More photos; archdaily

STOP 3. Catskill Native Nursery specializes in nursery-propagated North American perennials, fruits, shrubs and trees.. Also on-site: Green Witch Herbs, Pottery & Garden Art selling non-native cottage flowers and perennial and annual vegetables. catskill native nursery

WHERE: Bus leaves Green Ridge Plaza near Planet Fitness, GreenRidge St., Scranton at 8:30am SHARP and returns 8:00-ish.
SECOND PICK-UP: 9:30 at Exit 2, I-84, NY, Port Jervis/Greenville Firehouse
COST: $90 includes bus, garden admissions, guided tours, catered luncheon


Mary, I loved this trip. Stonecrop had such a large variety of plants and in beautiful settings. I bought 5 plants and will be able to remember these two gardens when I look at them. The snacks were over the top. Thanks again. Barb Pecca

* * *
Just a word of thanks for again putting together a wonderful trip. The tour at Stonecrop was informative and the grounds were inspiring but you saved the best for last. The private garden was the best one I have ever visited! Such artistry in the layering of plant material, not to mention the specimen plants too numerous to count. I was in gardener's Eden! Many thanks for a fantastic day (and your brownies and date bars too.) NJ Master Gardener April Fisher
* * *
Just a quick note to thank you for a very enjoyable day. Please keep me on your list for future trips. Again, thanks for everything. Joanne Matejov

* * *
I had a stupendous day on your DIG IT! bus trip to Stonecrop Gardens and the private house tour gardens in Courtland Manor, New York. The flowers were exquisite, the tour guides were knowledgeable, the participants were fun to be with, the extra surprise snacks were appreciated and I thank you so much for arranging this memory of a lifetime trip!! Please let me know when the next trip is planned. Judy Bjorklund
* * *
One of the great things about the Monticello trip -- beside I had never been there and wanted to go -- was that I took a substantial interest in Jefferson's descendants -- who were and are mostly Black people. My friend's pastor right here in Morristown turned out to be one of them and is featured on an advert It's the same face. I would never have known or cared without the trip! So thanks. Adrienne Bliss Brown

* * *
Mary, Enjoy every trip you give because you take me to places I've never been. I appreciate the love and work that goes into each garden I see. Their diversity and their choices of plantings are always unique. I thought it was so nice that the homeowners greeted you and gave you some history of their property. The nursery was a special treat because it was filled with hidden surprises. I like that we could roam freely and take in its ambience. What really makes the trip is people like "you" that run it. Your pleasantness and Ursula's energy always make for a happy heart. Cheryl Uhlig PS: Your cookies are the best!!!!
* * *
Thank you for a wonderful day yesterday. When I get home from your trips I always feel that I was on a mini vacation. Thanks again, Alice Corcoran

* * *
This particular trip was unique, I felt, because you got to see 3 individual gardens in homes very near to one another and the way each person or persons made use of the space they had. Another enjoyable day! Wayne Lambert
* * *
We had a fantastic time on the last trip. Thank you for all your time & effort to make these trips special. Best regards, Dawn Strubeck

* * *
Just wanted to let you know again how much Bob and I enjoyed our first trip with the group. We find it challenging to tell others how awesome and different each venue was, but they certainly sense our excitement. Thank you again for a terrific day and looking forward to September's outing. Evelyn & Bob
* * *
“Just wanted to thank you again for organizing the great day today. We both enjoyed it very much. Ursula and Elijah were a lot of fun. The blueberry buckle was delicious! Thank you to the baker. Looking forward to the trip in the fall. Please keep us on your mailing list. Thanks again. Ron and Carol Stickney

* * *
The garden was amazing; I did not want to leave. Actually, the whole trip was great which made me very happy because I had talked Noreen, Marge, Elenore and Alice C into going.... and they all enjoyed it. a.ciccarelli
* * *
Thanks so much for the great garden trip. It was fun to talk to fellow gardeners, see beautiful gardens and be immersed in revolutionary history. You did a great job making the trip educational and a lot of fun! Karen Trawin

* * *
The Virginia Voyage was a great weekend getaway! Any avid gardener, ‘a.k.a. Plant Geek, would have had a fantastic time. Thank you again for another wonderful trip. We are looking forward to the next DIG IT! Rolling Garden Party! Dawn & David
* * *
Good morning, Had an enjoyable time in VA. Thanks. Peg Ross

* * *
Loved the trip to Ladew, Monticello and Mt Vernon. The conversations were fun and the subject matter very interesting and informative. Will certainly consider future trips with DIG IT! Cindy

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