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A Garden Made with Passion
In the garden of Constantine and Sally Kallas, dedication of a lifetime is evident. Theirs is a story of evolution Ė a story of discovery of what the land held, fate, observation and understanding, actionable acquiescence and clearing the land, but most of all Determination and Passion. Click here to learn more and see photos.
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published on September 07, 2011
Topography Got Problems?
When do you hire a landscape designer or a landscape architect? What are the differences other than a landscape architect being licensed? DIG IT! posed these questions to Diane Devore, principal of Devore Associates, an award-winning landscape architecture firm in Fairfield, Connecticut.
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published on July 08, 2011
A Working Garden
Blue Meadow Farms Landscape Architects in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey, encompasses 7 acres of sun, shade and water gardens, work site, the 19th-century homes of owner John Meeks and his son and one flock each of chickens and yellow pigeons. See the plants and gardens here.
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published on June 25, 2011
A Garden Imitates Life
A couple has created a woodland garden on 5 acres.
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published on September 28, 2010
George Trecina's Garden, an Artistís Vision
George Trecina created an incredible garden on his suburban one-third acre lot. He has 235 potted plantings and themed gardens. They are inspiring. See what you can do with containers.
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published on August 21, 2010
Pretty Gardens All in a Row
Bebeís Garden is an acre of geometric, tidy beds of everything together: practically every variety of fruit tree that will grow in the New York Catskills, perennials and flowering shrubs for butterflies, a veggie garden thatís also a nursery for young trees like Italian peach, shade gardens, memory garden, bog garden and koi pond. It is row upon row of beds separated by grass paths, all enclosed by a red flowering quince hedge.
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published on July 09, 2010
Thunder Lane: A Magical Garden
Come to Thunder Lane, a magical garden in Ulster Park, New York. Meet Lena Dun, garden owner and designer/ manufacturer of Moresca Clothing & Costume, Inc. Enter a world of magic.
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published on July 08, 2010
Japanese Barberry: Substitute Warriors
Given the assault on eastern forests by invasive plants, several states and organizations are taking action to curb their use. Japanese barberry may perhaps be the most ruthless and pervasive invasive of all. But its death sentence is nigh. But what will take its sanctimonious place? Click here for alternatives.
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published on January 30, 2010
Swallowfield, a formal garden with wild plants in suburbia
Sawllowfield, a Backyard Wildlife Habitat and Monarch Waystation, is a formal designed garden with native plants, a pond, and terraced perennial gardens in suburban Little Silver, New Jersey. Check it out here.
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published on September 10, 2009
Her Favorite Things
There is a place in Pottersville, New Jersey, that some say is the second Versaille. Resurrected from the ruins of an abandoned farm, this house and garden surely inspires. It is the work of architects Andrea Filippone and William Welch. Read about it and see it here.
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published on September 07, 2009
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