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An Old World Garden in New World Clothes
Pamela Page, gardener, gourmet, film maker, shapes her garden with symmetry, dresses it in colorful vegetables, and bejewels it with flowers. See how she creates her Fairfield County, Connecticut garden here.
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published on September 12, 2012
The Seedy Truth
Want to buy seeds but are confused about all the terminology? Get the real lowdown here with Renee's Garden and Burpee Co.
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published on January 24, 2012
Urban Nature
The Greater Newark Conservancy brings nature and gardening to urban residents through its many programs - including an annual garden contest. Click here to read about them and see photos.
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published on September 22, 2011
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow - A Memory Garden
Rosalie Stanley shares her memory garden with readers. learn how she created it and what it means.
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published on April 05, 2011
How to Organize a Community Garden for a Food Pantry
Interested in organizing a community garden? Check here for some great tips by those who organize gardens. See various models to use.
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published on March 01, 2011
A Garden Comes Full Circle
Lance Casper, Grandma's Garden columnist, tells of boyhood gardens in forbidden places and the genesis of his brother's intuitive green thumb. For the first time, he shows photos of his family.
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published on October 29, 2010
Farm Journal September 2010
MaryAnne McMillan, HTR, introduces Allies, Inc., the company that helps people with special needs find a place they can call home; where they can grow and flourish mentally, physically and spiritually. She talks about who they are and their involvement with the CSA Farm.
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published on September 10, 2010
Farm Journal end of June 2010
Allies, Inc., based in Hamilton, NJ provides housing, health care, employment and recreational opportunities to people with special needs. Here, Allies, CSA Farm employees learn the value of up-potting plants.
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published on July 04, 2010
Farm Journal - April 2010
Allies Farm CSA in central New Jersey prepares to grow crops for its Community Supported Agriculture project. Residents learn about farming and the employment skills needed.
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published on June 04, 2010
Amazonian Wisdom: Look Up at the Branches
Teo Gonzales is a native Brazilian Amazonian Indian.He makes standards out of everything. His potager has standard hibiscus, espaliered apples. He gives wisdom gained by being close to nature.
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published on May 24, 2010
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