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bus trip to hudson valley innisfree garden and private junto farm in millbrook ny and catskill native nursery in kerhonkson ny

Hudson Valley Garden Tour Afterward


On Wednesday, September 13, the Rollin' Garden Party Bus rolled out of Scranton, PA, to visit Innisfree Garden, a magnificent 150-acre public garden in Millbrook, NY, nearby Junto Farm and Catskill Native Nursery.

After an hour and a half guided tour at Innisfree, we picniced on the shady banks of its glacial lake. Innisfree is a modernized version of ancient Chinese and Japanese paintings of nature and gardens. The lake was its inspiration for the "cup garden," a Chinese and Japanese concept. Here, cup gardens range from the sizeable lake to tiny cup gardens, such as flowers surrounding a moss-covered rock or ferns surrounding a boulder covered in lichens.

Next stop: Junto Farm, a 200-acre mountaintop private residence overlooking the Catskill Mountains and Hudson River. We had a guided tour of some of its 40-acre cultivated landscape, including a green roof that covered the second story of the very modern house of mahogany and glass.

Lastly, we stopped and shopped at Catskill Native Nursery. Even the bus driver looked for ferns! It's an amazing garden and plant source run by extraordinary people and their two Icelandic Sheep Dogs!

**All photos by Mary Jasch

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published September 27, 2017

Photos to enlarge

Garden trippers gather round the lake that inspired Innisfree Garden.

Lollipop trees at Innisfree

Glacial rock, Innisfree

Wild asters and moss-covered rock form a small cup garden, Innisfree

Joe-Pye Weed and the boardwalk over a stream at Innisfree

The Point at Innisfree

Mahogany-glass house and green roof at Junto Farm

London Plane Tree allee with sculpture, Junto Farm

Sculpture of family with man holding his young son high, Junto Farm

The wall built by Bob Cole, Junto Farm

Gailardia 'Arizona Red', Junto Farm

Garden trippers at Junto Farm

Catskill Native Nursery

Wringer Garden, Catskill Native Nursery

Salvia and Digitalis 'Ruby Glow', Catskill Native Nursery

Rabbit among the heuchera, Catskill Native Nursery

Owner Francis Groeters PhD (with Diane Greenberg) and Galdur, Icelandic Sheep Dog, Catskill Native Nursery

Peter, our Martz bus driver, looking for ferns, Catskill Native Nursery

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