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The Passion for Gardens

by Mary Jasch

On Tuesday, September 19, 38 New York and New Jersey Rollin’ Garden Party Bus trippers visited the properties of two passionate gardeners for guided tours: Phillis Warden in Bedford Hills, NY, and Landscape Designer George Trecina in Meriden, CT.

Ms. Warden's seven-acre garden is spectacular and includes sculptures, formal potager, woodland garden and a syllabus of gardens and plants that she loves.

"There's no rhyme or reason. i wasn't trying to do anything. I'm not educated in gardening," said Warden of her exquisite garden.

She is a quiet sorceress of a green, peaceful garden, accompanied by a magical Pomeranian called Rascal. She has created a dream garden with surprises and new views at every turn. The shades and shapes of green and peace dominate this garden in September that is interspersed with perennials and ferns. Every step is a photograph.

With not enough time to see everything, such as the four acres of deer-resistant plants in the back, we will return in spring 2018.

At George Trecina's garden, over 250 container plantings and themed gardens cover his 1/3 suburban acre. He has no lawn. His front “yard” is a steep slope with shrubs and potted plants and a new circle bound by 80 Buxus ‘Suffruiticosa’ that he grew from cuttings. Potted plants include about 25 hardy and 250 tropical and subtropical plants, which overwinter in his basement.

Mr. Trecina is a color wizard, using a mix of perennials, annuals, vines, succulents, ferns, vegetables and any type of plant. He buys en masse whatever strikes his fancy, without plan or forethought, then plays with combinations. His garden is about 40 years old at his humble home where he grew up.

See more about George Trecina and his garden here.

We embellished the day with a much-enjoyed catered lunch at John's Cafe in Woodbury, CT, and a shopping trip to ntionally-renowned Broken Arrow Nursery, Hamden, CT.

DIG IT! Magazine produces day and overnight bus trips to private and public gardens. We often include other wonders such as museums, catered lunches and historic towns.

If you would like more information, please email Mary at

** All photos © 2017 Mary Jasch except as noted.
Photo of Mary & George by Cheryl Uhlig, Garden Party Tripper
Photo of potted tropicals on wall by Alana Steib

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published October 01, 2017

Photos to enlarge

In the garden of Phillis Warden

Cat and dog houses, Warden garden

Non-invasive American wisteria adorns the terrace, Warden garden

Perennial and fern garden showcasing big-leaved ligularia, Warden garden

A shady garden leads the way to the woodland garden, Warden garden

Gate to the woodland garden where shades and shapes of green are the dominant force, Warden garden

Green Peace, Warden garden

Rascal takes a drink from a fountain, Warden garden

Tropicals in the bowling green, Warden garden. Photo by Alana Steib

Phillis Warden and Rascal

George Trecina among his driveway plantings greeting visitors to his garden.

Front yard on embankment, Trecina garden

Entering the "backyard;" Trecina garden

Potted color, Trecina garden

Cranes in the garden, Trecina garden

More potted color

Even more potted color, Trecina garden

And more potted color in George Trecina's garden

28 of our 38 visitors at George Trecina's garden, with George on the left

George Trecina and Mary Jasch, Cheryl Uhlig photo

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