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November 2019

Bus Trip: CT Flower and Garden Show 2020

**** WINTER STORM CONSOLATION PRIZE! $5 off your next trip for each new person you bring who has never been on a Rollin' Garden Party Bus Trip before.

"I went last year. It was great!" - Linda Tunick

See Something Different This Year!

Sit back. Relax. Lave the driving to us as we soak up the sites and scents of spring at the CT Flower & Garden Show on Thursday, February 20, 2020, in the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford.

Almost three acres of Connecticut Springs into Earth Day everything horticulture are yours for the day. Get up close to twenty-seven display gardens and talk with the designers. The gardens cover more than 45,000 square feet.

Take your choice of fifteen seminars, conducted in three rooms, by nationally known authors and garden experts. Free with admission! From water gardens to birds and bees to Benefits of BioChar Soil to Landscaping with Natives and Garden Design for Changing Climates, get ready to learn something new.

The Standard Flower Show of the Federated Garden Clubs of Connecticut, Inc. covers 12,500 square feet of design, horticulture and photography exhibits and has over 500 entries. This year's theme: Spring Into Connecticut.

375 to 400 vendors fill the exhibit hall with plants, soils, fertilizers, garden tools and other floral and garden related products and services in addition to an extensive area of floral and garden-related art. Nonprofit and educational exhibits round out the experience. Bring 1/2 cup of soil to UConn Co-op booth for free soil testing.

Hungry? The show has two cafes and there are several restaurants just steps away from the Convention Center.

See it here: CT Flower & Garden Show


- Thursday, February 20, 2020: 8:00am SHARP to 8:30-ish pm
- Snow Date: Sunday, February 22. Same time.
- Bus leaves Rockaway Townsquare Mall, Rt. 80 & Mount Hope Ave., Rockaway, NJ
- Second Pickup: Central Valley Park & Ride, NY
- Fee: $75 (must be received by Feb.3); $80 (if received after Feb.3)
- Payment must accompany registration
- No refunds after Feb.3 unles both trip/snow dates are cancelled due to weather
- Please make check payable to DIG IT!
- Mail to: DIG IT! Magazine, PO Box 397, Augusta, NJ 07822
- Bus seats limited! Seat secured with registration. First come; first served!


Cancellation & Refund Policy:
Snow date determined by Lakeland Bus & Hartford Convention Center advice. Questions or concerns? Contact Mary: mary@dig-itmag.com

Read about superwoman Kristie Gonsalves, the show's producer, here.
** All photos by Mary Jasch unless otherwise noted.


“I really enjoyed our trip over Tuesday and Wednesday! My head is spinning, and my mind is full of all the beautiful things that I saw and experienced during our tour. It was relaxing at the same time. You planned everything so well. It was lovely. Thank you for all that you do!” – Rosina VS

“The garden was amazing; I did not want to leave. Actually, the whole trip was great which made me very happy because I had talked Noreen, Marge, Elenore and Alice C into going.... and they all enjoyed it.” - Lyne Ciccarelli

“The planning of the trip was excellent: each selected destination topped the previous stop. The pacing was perfect: there was exactly enough time to take in the beauty each location had to offer and they were different enough from each other to keep it interesting. The enthusiastic docents, the humorous bus driver, the planned meals all made this trip even more enjoyable. Not only would I recommend this trip to my friends, I plan to both come on another one you’ll offer soon and I also plan to return to the places to which you introduced me. Thank you for a lovely time, we all had a blast!” – Inge Pudell-Spatscheck

“Thank you for a wonderful day yesterday. When I get home from your trips I always feel that I was on a mini vacation. Thanks again,” Alice Corcoran

“Mary, Enjoy every trip you give because you take me to places I've never been. I appreciate the love and work that goes into each garden I see. Their diversity and their choices of plantings are always unique. I thought it was so nice that the homeowners greeted you and gave you some history of their property. The nursery was a special treat because it was filled with hidden surprises. I like that we could roam freely and take in its ambience. What really makes the trip is people like "you" that run it. Your pleasantness and Ursula's energy always make for a happy heart.” - Cheryl Uhlig
PS: Your cookies are the best!!!!

“This particular trip was unique, I felt, because you got to see 3 individual gardens in homes very near to one another and the way each person or persons made use of the space they had. Another enjoyable day!” Wayne Lambert

“We had a fantastic time on the last trip. Thank you for all your time & effort to make these trips special. Best regards,” Dawn Strubeck

“Just wanted to let you know again how much Bob and I enjoyed our first trip with the group. We find it challenging to tell others how awesome and different each venue was, but they certainly sense our excitement. Thank you again for a terrific day and looking forward to September's outing.” - Evelyn & Bob Plumb

“Just wanted to thank you again for organizing the great day today. We both enjoyed it very much. Ursula and Elijah were a lot of fun. The blueberry buckle was delicious! Thank you to the baker. Looking forward to the trip in the fall. Please keep us on your mailing list. Thanks again.” Ron and Carol Stickney

“Thanks so much for the great garden trip. It was fun to talk to fellow gardeners, see beautiful gardens and be immersed in revolutionary history. You did a great job making the trip educational and a lot of fun!” - Karen Trawin

“Mary’s well-planned trips have provided many wonderful memories for our garden-visiting members and are great fund-raisers as well.” - Lesley Parness, retired Superintendent of Horticultural Education, Morris County Park Commission

“I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed today's trip. I would never have gone to Chanticleer had you not planned it. The gardens are spectacular, and lunch was delicious. It was a memorable day.” - Alice Moskowitz, President of Friends of Laurelwood Arboretum

“I had a stupendous day on your DIG IT! bus trip to Stonecrop Gardens and the private house tour gardens in Courtland Manor, New York. The flowers were exquisite, the tour guides were knowledgeable, the participants were fun to be with, the extra surprise snacks were appreciated and I thank you so much for arranging this memory of a lifetime trip!! Please let me know when the next trip is planned.” – Judy Bjorklund

“Thanks for all your good work!” – Janet Allocca

“The Virginia Voyage was a great weekend getaway! Any avid gardener, ‘a.k.a. Plant Geek’ would have had a fantastic time. Thank you again for another wonderful trip. We are looking forward to the next DIG IT! Rolling Garden Party!” – Dawn Strubeck & David Johnson

“Loved the trip to Ladew, Monticello and Mt Vernon. The conversations were fun and the subject matter very interesting and informative. Will certainly consider future trips with DIG IT!” – Cindy

“Mary, I loved this trip. Stonecrop had such a large variety of plants and in beautiful settings. I bought 5 plants and will be able to remember these two gardens when I look at them. The snacks were over the top. Thanks again.” – Barb Pecca, NJ

“Just a word of thanks for again putting together a wonderful trip. The tour at Stonecrop was informative and the grounds were inspiring but you saved the best for last. The private garden was the best one I have ever visited! Such artistry in the layering of plant material, not to mention the specimen plants too numerous to count. I was in gardener's Eden! Many thanks for a fantastic day (and your brownies and date bars too.)” - April Fisher

“Just a quick note to thank you for a very enjoyable day. Please keep me on your list for future trips. Again, thanks for everything.” - Joanne Matejov, NY

“One of the great things about the Monticello trip -- beside I had never been there and wanted to go -- was that I took a substantial interest in Jefferson's descendants -- who were and are mostly Black people. My friend's pastor right here in Mtn turned out to be one of them and is featured on an ancestory.com advert. It's the same face. I would never have known or cared without the trip! So, thanks.” – Adrienne

“Thanks very much for organizing and leading Tuesday's tour. I really enjoyed it. Looking forward to more.” – Suzanne Blecker

“Thank you so much for putting together that great garden tour day.” – Alana Steib

“Thank you again for yesterday. The gardens were amazing and lunch was really nice. That was certainly a nice addition and saved the worry of running around trying to decide where to eat on our part. You always find the best gardens to visit. You and Ursula are delightful. Thanks again.” – Barbara Kolb

“What a great trip! Never in a million years would I have ever thought of going to Wave Hill for the first time in the middle of October! But after having such a wonderful time on several of your prior garden bus tours, I signed up. What a spectacular trip! PepsiCo Sculpture Garden was an unexpected surprise. The sculptures were dazzling. The private property access and generosity of the staff arborist about their work were real treats. Who knew about bio-char + compost as a root zone tree treatment? I always learn something new at every garden and from every gardener.
Thank you, Mary. Can’t wait for your next trip.” – Alana Steib, Stockholm, NJ

“Just a note to thank you once again for a wonderful, diversified bus trip on Wednesday. Great combination of different sights to see. Loved walking around the grounds of PepsiCo and seeing the magnificent sculptures that were very strategically placed. Wave Hill was another treat. Here for me the trees stood out the most. So many varieties and our guide pointed out every one. The gardens were lovely as well. Interesting also to learn that we were there at peak time in the fall. Thank you again Mary for organizing everything so well. We had just enough time to view each location.” – Wayne Lambert

“The bus trip yesterday to Pepsico sculpture gardens and Wave Hill was an A plus combination. Pepsico's stunning layout of world class sculptures in a gentle landscape is a hidden gem among corporate headquarters. Wave Hill is a masterpiece of plants and setting. Overlooking the Hudson, there is not a prettier setting for a multitude of different gardens – all lovingly cared for, with an eye for detail. Mary, your lunches and homemade snacks are delicious. The new tour bus is very comfortable, and it's nice to have charging stations for your phones. Thanks.” – Lynn Dubnoff

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