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The Barberry War: To plant or destroy? That is the question.
Barberry: from perfect all-occasion shrub to killer in the woods, the topic is fraught with controversy. Read about the latest research here, straight form the scientists on invasiveness, cultivars, and tick habitat.
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published on October 31, 2009
Martin Guitar Sees the Forest for the Guitars
CF Martin & Co., The Martin Guitar Company, Nazareth, Pennsylvania, believes in sustainable forestry practices with regard to specialty woods used for guitars. Read how this American maker of fine acoustic guitars partners with Greenpeace and developed a Sustainable Series of Guitars in hopes of forest conservation and sustainability.
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published on December 27, 2007
Diminutive Decorators
Aside from being Nature's subtle pollution sensors and mini-decoration on rock, tree, and soil, with harm to none, lichens are mysterious pioneer species. On a recent crisp January day, lichen hunters and this writer took to the woods at High Point State Park in northwestern New Jersey on a hunt for the lovely lichens.
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published on January 30, 2007
Imitate Nature
Want to see a natural garden so perfect, you can design your landscape this way? Visit Hacklebarney State Park in NJ in springtime. Or see it here.
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published on May 01, 2006
The Endangered Endangered
The Center for Biological Diversity does comprehensive study of 56 federally-endangered species in the Northeast. The study: Measuring the Success of the Endangered Species Act, Recovery Trends in the Northeastern United States. Read the results.
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published on March 30, 2006
Wyanokie High Point Circular
Take advantage of leafless spring with an exhilarating hike over mountain tops with far-reaching views in Norvin Green State Forest. Amble down along streams past old fashioned made-for-movies mines, past waterfalls and through easy woods.
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published on March 25, 2006
Monument Trail
View autumn's colorful foliage from the highest point in New Jersey at 1,803 feet at High Point State Park. Take a restful, back-to-nature walk with the rustling wind on this 3.7 mile Monument Trail loop.
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published on October 23, 2005
The Whole of the Highlands Donut
Preserved land in Farny Highlands includes a recent 525-acre purchase by a consortium of state, federal, county, and township governments, and two land preservation organizations. Just when you thought there was no wild land left, this woodland with pristine streams, views worth climbing for, and great walks in the woods becomes availble to the public.
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published on July 14, 2005
Indiana Would Be Jealous
Discover boulders arranged as calendars by ancient cultures in the region's woods. See tripod rocks, "highway" markers through the forests from a time when business was furs.
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published on December 07, 2004
Swamp Walk
Take a walk in the Great Swamp at Lord Stirling Park's Environmental Education Center in Basking Ridge, NJ. Eight and a half miles of trails are flat and easy. An archeological dig proves ancient culture. Artifacts on display in museum.
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published on April 25, 2004
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