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Goodness Gracious! Great Bulbs of Garlic!
Garden State Garlic, a NJ group of garlic devotees, provide scrumptious recipes for pestos, salsas and dip.
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published on September 29, 2004
Tasting Strawberry Wine
Wine-tasting after two weeks of fermentation reveals the goodness of sulfite-free strawberry meade and dandelion fruit wine. Make it yourself.
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published on June 04, 2004
Dandelion Fruit Wine
The dandelion wine-making class meets at Westfall Winery and mixes up a batch of dandelion-grape-citrus wine and strawberry meade. Recipe included. The fermentation process begins for two weeks.
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published on May 24, 2004
The Infernal Blossom
Make your own dandelion wine. Westfall Winery in Montague, NJ, tells you how. Come to a wine-making workshop under the guidance of a pro, or learn in our four-part series.
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published on April 26, 2004
On the Wild Side
The Black Forest Inn in Byram, New Jersey, serves pheasant in season and venison every day. Both are farm raised. Raymond Santiago, chef for 21 years at the Inn, says the birds are raised for tenderness. The meat is relaxed and the birds are younger. "The hen is much better to eat. They're less restless."
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published on January 01, 2004
Please DO Eat The Flowers
Gorgeous isn’t sufficient for the original multi–tasker, Nature; she also makes many of her flowers incredibly edible. Take hibiscus. Michael Thoms, Nordstrom regional restaurant manager, uses the mild citrus flavor of the petals for Sun Tea.
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published on July 01, 2003
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