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Grand Crows!
Crows are magnificent birds with personality and a sense of humor. See why they quack like a duck and gather by the thousands in winter, making a ruckus as they swoop and parade. Kevin McGowan, Ornithologist, Cornell Lab of Ornithology, explains all here.
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published on January 17, 2019
Birds after Hurricane Sandy
There are two ways Hurricane Sandy affected birds on our East Coast shores. One is the direct effect on birds during the storm and the other, larger effects, are the changes in habitat. Read about them here and learn what is most perilous concern.
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published on February 01, 2013
New Lyme Disease Test
A new test is on the market that detects Lyme disease better than most. The good news is that veterinarians are using it to quickly protect and diagnose your pets. The bad news is that only veterinarians are using it. Check it out here. Plus, a new tick-associated virus on the rise.
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published on December 17, 2010
Tick-Resistant Gardens
Deer-resistant gardens may be the latest craze in garden design, but why not stretch the horticultural and health envelopes with a Tick-Resistant Garden? Click here to learn the steps to a safer and Lyme disease low risk environment and garden with recommendations by Connecticut State Chief Entomologist.
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published on November 24, 2010
Birds of Summer
Ever wonder about the mysterious Great Blue Heron? Where does it live? What happens to it in winter? Why is it built with a long crooked neck? Find out here with the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.
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published on September 08, 2009
Butterfly Gardens & Kids
Teens create a butterfly garden at Planting Fields Arboretum under the guidance of author Cindy Krezel. Learn which plants attract and feed them and which plants they need to lay eggs on, so that larvae feed.
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published on July 07, 2005
Flying the Friendly Backyard Skies
Cornell Lab of Ornithology conducts two nationwide programs for people who enjoy watching birds. The Great Backyard Bird Count and Project FeederWatch.
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published on February 10, 2005
Ralph Snodsmith's ANTI-CRITTER TIPS
Ralph Snodsmith offers tips on sending the deer to your neighbor's yard and thwarting the sting of black flies and mosquitos.
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published on September 16, 2004
When the Tick Bites
What are the accepted Lyme Disease tests? And when are they used?
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published on June 15, 2004
It's a Tick's Life
Sean Healy, entomologist, studies ticks and tests them for DNA of the pathogen that causes Lyme Disease. Learn deer tick lifecycle and how the disease is transmitted, plus tips to prevent Lyme Disease.
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published on May 28, 2004
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