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Collectors Corner


by Rosalie Stanley

Sometimes people save and collect things but never know what to do with them.

I, for one, could never throw out the little ceramic figures from my husband’s tea boxes. They sat in a kitchen drawer waiting to be displayed. I couldn’t throw out my daughter’s little tea set either so it was stowed away in a box. I don’t like to dust more than I have to, so there they sat, waiting.

A couple of years passed and my husband, JP, went back to Pennsylvania to help his siblings get their family home ready for sale. After a week of work he returned home to California.

“I have a present for you” he proudly exclaimed. Of course I was anxious to see what he had for me so we sat down while he searched through his suitcase.

He was very excited when he presented me with a little blue pouch and I could tell it was something special. “You’re going to like this,” he said. To my amazement there were at least fifty little ceramic figures that his mother had collected from her tea boxes and a bunch of marbles. I was very grateful for the present but feared they would end up with all the others where they would spend their life in hiding.

As always with me, inspiration came one day when I was weeding. There was a wooden “parts organizer” in the garage and I could use it to display the little ceramic critters in the garden.

I quickly hung it on the fence and placed the figurines in each compartment. They now had a home of their own and became a stopping point for people strolling through my garden. I didn’t have to dust them; they weren’t hidden in a drawer; and they gave me the idea to put other collectables in my garden where people could enjoy them.

So, take those sentimental collectibles that you can’t part with but don’t want on display in the house and put them in the garden, where they can add interest and conversation to those that pass by.

Any ceramic pieces stashed in your house:
Pretty cracked bowls or dishes that you can’t part with
Old or pretty bottles
Miscellaneous items in the attic that can survive outside
Shadow boxes or other display racks

Find some items of interest that are hidden away in your house.
If using a wooden box or rack, paint or treat it with polyurethane.
Attach hanger on back.
Hang on fence or wall.
Arrange your items.

Other Items
Just place items under, near, or on top of something in your yard.

Got other questions regarding an interesting project for your garden? Contact Rosalie here:
** All garden art and photos by Rosalie Stanley

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published February 01, 2011

Photos to enlarge

Four little piggies in a stone-encrusted bowl

Parts organizer with tea figurines on fence

Ceramic figureines in glass gem appliqued terracotta on tree stump

Blue ceramic bowl and vessel on tree log

Bottles on a fence

Dish among Douglas fir needles

Jenna's tea set on a stump

Metal water vessel among succulents

Sculpted turtle on a branch

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