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"Your article you wrote about such a fun article, and illuminating as well! I love the way the story reads, and the thumbnails and repros are all great. You highlighted some great things from a complicated story, and the details including the science ones are correct. You're a talented writer!"
- Carol Woodin, botanical artist/truck driver

"I love Dig-It magazine. It's full of fun and inspiring articles, tips, photographs, cool event announcements, and of course your terrific garden blog."
- Kerry Ann Mendez

"Just want to let you know how much I appreciate DIG IT; it's an ever evolving marvel. A delight to read. You are performing a valuable service to gardeners and the public who simply love the realms of Flora."
- Dolores Brandon, Docent Brooklyn Botanic Garden

"I just found your wonderful site, and it is all of my visions in one place! Rustic aged wood with fieldstones and greenery...the gardens of a day gone by! I am in love." - Monica O'Malley-Tavares, Nantucket

"What a beautiful and interesting site - thanks much. I'm going to send it to a gardening friend in CT. Wow, Mary puts nice stuff together."
- Linda S. Goodwin, physician, NC

"Thank you for your luscious, loving portrayal of Natural Companions and fitting characterization of my collaboration with the warm hearted, affable Mr. Druse. I also like the fun, clickable way you've let your readers investigate the sample images. What a WONDERFUL article!"
- Ellen Hoverkamp, scanner photographer

I've admired Mary's work with Dig It for many years. She has her thumb on the pulse of the landscape and gardening community, creating articles that are informative and entertaining both.
- Gina Samarotto, Principal, Samarotto Design Group

"Thanks very much! It is a great article and thank you for taking the time to write so thoroughly." - Frances Palmer, potter

"I work at Stonecrop Gardens in Cold Spring, and I am helping Barbara out with some of our promotional work. She showed me your wonderful website, and it has become one of my favorites. It is very easy to navigate, and the content is insightful and enlightening. Thank you for the excellent work, and thank you for including Stonecrop in your listings."
- Laura Wyeth, Stonecrop Gardens, New York

"Bless you! I love the review of Plant Whatever Brings You Joy. It's so thoughtful and intelligent. What a gift! I am glad you enjoyed the book."
- Kathryn Hall, author

"Just a note to thank you for successfully partnering Springfest with Garden Conservancy. We will be distributing 3000 postcards in the goodie bags and they will be posting a Springfest ad on their website. I have been a GC member since 1996 and have great respect for what they do. We are very proud to help promote them and, as I said the other day, I've been trying for years to work the magic you did in one day!"
- Barbara Abita, landscape designer, Springfest Flower & Garden Show NJ

"Imagine my surprise to open your web-site and see and read the wonderful feature you did on our garden. You are a terrific writer (and photographer) and the article truly captured our garden, our home and the things that give us joy. Again, many thanks to you and to Lance as well. We loved his comment 'Optical Explosion'. That will have to go in the record books!"
- Stan and Kathy Scherer, Pawling, New York

"Thanks for another great year of newsletter articles. All the best for a healthy growing season in 2010."
- Balcony Gardener, Calgary, Canada

"Thank you so so much for that wonderful article that you wrote. You obviously understood what we were trying to achieve and beautifully illustrated it in your article. Great website!!!!!!!! and online magazine!!!!!!!!!"
- Andrea Filippone, partner Tendenze Design, NJ

"The article is wonderful, you captured the spirit of our habitat beautifully! I love your descriptions and sensitivity to all the details that are such a vital part of our beloved home. I hope the article will inspire others to think 'habitat' when designing and planting their gardens."
- Linda Goff, home-owner of Swallowfield, NJ

"As fans of Dig It, we have linked your site with ours."
- The ladies of The Plainfield Garden Club, New Jersey Plainfield Garden Club

"Many thanks to Dig It! for telling your visitors about the exceptional private gardens that participate in the Garden Conservancy's Open Days Program. Your beautiful photographs and enticing articles no doubt bring more visitors to these gardens and help us further our mission of garden preservation in America."
-Laura Palmer, Director of The Garden Conservancy's Open Days Program

"I love the article! It's the best writeup on the tomato project that I've seen (Rutgers Ramapo tomato). Thanks for writing it!"
- Michele Hujber, Office of Communications, Rutgers University

"If you're not familiar with this website, it is, hands down, the BEST general horticultural site I've ever encountered, and that's saying a lot."
- Betsy Hays, writer/communications consultant, New Jersey

"Finally able to sit and take the time I wanted to savor your article and savor it I did. It was certainly have a way with words and I'm so thankful you took the time to drive all the way down here to capture our gardens, both on film and in words."
- Kim Venezia, Green Thumb Garden Club of Jackson, NJ

"I loved the article about the White Garden. And those pictures were great! Really makes me want to stroll the place - I could almost smell the daffodils."
- David Mohn, interior designer and artist, Florida

- Deborah H. Friedman, media consultant, Garden Conservancy Open Days Program

"I found your web site very exciting! Is it all right if I put a link to it on our Woodbridge Garden Club web site? Our members are looking for things to do in the surrounding area and I have been adding links that they might be interested in and your site is fantastic!"
- Jean Gall, Woodbridge Garden Club Member, New Jersey

"Very nice web page. I shall share it with my colleagues at Cornell."
- Bob Beyfuss, County Agricultural Agent, New York

"Wow, I really like your site. Your graphics have a very classic feel -
very inviting (my compliments to whoever you've got doing it). A real
quality publication - and fun articles too."
- Rich, IntEnt Media executive producer/writer, New York

"What a wonderful spot and so very informative! I love it and have added my email to your list for the newsletters. Great stories, lovely photos and an easy layout of the site to navigate. Well done - you must be proud.
- Barb Olatta, golf pro, New Jersey

"Absolutely beautiful!"
- Judy Stokes, Sutter Health web site manager, California

"The piece looks great! Thanks!"
- Joseph Pupello, executive director, New York Restoration Project, NY

"Had to drop you a line to let you know how much I enjoyed the April article in Grandma's Garden. What a nice way to find out things about our friends we never took the time to find out when we were closer to one another. Keep up the good work, I honestly enjoy it and I enjoy the memories you drive back into my mind and heart each month."
- Charlie Candito, life-long friend of Lance Casper, Nevada

"Very pleased to announce the release of DIG IT! Magazine, East Coast Gardening & Outdoor Living. This bi-monthly e-zine is one of the best things to happen in our area this year. This is a very well done work and very worthy of visiting."
- Bob Amberg, Amberg Perennial Farm, NJ

"I'll definitely add your site to our Magazines category within the News & Media section. It's a very nice site."
- Rich Rowbotham, President, New Jersey

"This site looks amazing and is a great information resource too! I am so impressed with both the look and feel and the great articles. Plus, the name "dig it" is just so cool - I'm passing it along to all my gardening buddies and have bookmarked it for myself."
- Alexis Calabrese, writer of copy
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