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Orchids: Tropical Paradise
Bring a tropical paradise into your home this winter. Buy an orchid. Here's tips form two orchid breeders/growers on how to care for orchids and why they are so intriguing.
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published on February 08, 2011
The Christmas Cactus Business
Christmas cactus, Schlumbergera, is a cultish holiday plant. With no US breeders and a handful of growers, this plant hits a niche market. Find out why here.
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published on December 15, 2010
Hildegarde's Affection
Hildegarde Howell, proprietor, Heartís Ease Nursery & Tewksbury Orchids, tells how to grow and care for daylilies and how to hybridize daylilies.
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published on September 12, 2010
An Orchid Show Story
Jorge Sanchez, landscape architect, Sanchez & Maddux, tells how he designed the New York Botanical Garden's Orchid Show. The design symbolizes his remembrances of growing up in and, later, his visits to Cuba.
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published on March 25, 2010
When There Is Snow There Are Orchids
An orchid nut tells why everyone, even people in the Northeast with below-freezing winters, should grow orchids. Look here for orchid resources of care, societies and shows, growers and sales.
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published on January 22, 2010
Growing Amaryllis - What's Hot!
What's new in the world of Amaryllis? Find out here the most popular varieties and trends in color, fragrance, and form. See great photos of different varieties of this flamboyant flower.
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published on November 26, 2008
Saving a Genus
Over half of wild magnolias are facing extinction. Saving an entire genus is a daunting task, but see what public gardens are doing about it and what you can do, too.
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published on May 24, 2008
The Last Rose Grower in New England
See why New England's last rose grower is able to grow roses with heavy fragrance, so unlike the ubiquitous roses from foreign growers. And learn how they are able to hold their ground while others have closed their greenhouse doors.
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published on April 09, 2008
On Breeding Rhododendrons & Azaleas
What's it take to breed a rhododendron or azalea? Hank Schannen tells all - numbers, types, hand pollination, fragrance, deer, and what kills them.
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published on October 26, 2007
Mr. Rhododendron
Take a drive to RareFind Nursery, Purveyors of Fine Plants, in Jackson, New Jersey, where proprietor Henry Hank Schannen has created a garden/nursery of thousands of extraordinary plants.
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published on October 24, 2007
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