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Fun with Mums
A new Jersey barber and chrysanthemum hobbyist/exhibitor tells step-by-step directions on how to grow mums for fun and exhibition. Plus, Longwood Gardens' grower and horticultural helper describe how they grow cascading displays and "Thousand Blooms" for Longwood's Fall Mum Festival.
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published on November 10, 2006
Mr. Grass and the Amazing Encyclopedia of Perennials
The American Horticultural Society's Encyclopedia of Perennials (DK Publishing) offers practical advice from experienced multi-national professionals on choosing, planting, growing, and designing with over 5,000 taxa of herbaceous perennials.

Meet contributing editor and plantsman extraordinaire, Kurt Bluemel.
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published on October 30, 2006
Chelone? No Baloney!
Create an outstanding fall flower display with native and cultivated turtleheads. Learn where to buy them and how to plant them - right here.
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published on September 25, 2006
Saucy Cyclamen
In early spring, I usually plant a few small flats with seed of the ivy-leafed cyclamen, Cyclamen hederifolium. The saucy pink or white blooms and ivy-like foliage bring unexpected delight to every garden where they are displayed. Here's how to grow them from seed with gardens to view the blooming plants.
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published on April 17, 2006
Robbin's Cinquefoil & Friends
The word is out. Results are in. The Endangered Species Act is a success! But it, too, has become endangered. Below is a handful of federally listed endangered native plants of the Northeast Coast and their current status.
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published on March 29, 2006
The Orchid Exhibit
Take the steps up to the glorious Enid A. Haupt Conservatory at The New York Botanical Garden, where its distinctive glass structure stands regal against blue sky. One becomes humbled as before any great work of art. Follow the path around to the other side and enter a galaxy-under-glass of New World palms and plants, all decorated by 8,000 orchids.

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published on March 23, 2006
Iris without Beards
One gardener successfully grows four species of beardless iris with few borers or other problems. She explains which to grow and how to grow them.
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published on August 18, 2005
Clematis Vines Forever
Spring Valley Greenhouse grows over 1 million clematis vines a year. Owner Jim Van Laeken offers tips on how to buy, plant and how to avoid disease. Learn the differences between Wilt and Dormancy and what you can do.
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published on July 10, 2005
Go Native!
The understated elegance of native wild flowers, their hardiness, low maintenance, and interaction with wildlife make them desirable plants for our home landscapes. But what to grow? And how? A New England Wild Flower Society horticulturist gives ideas for easy perennials for beginners and challenging ones for the connoisseur. She tells their fussy secrets here.
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published on February 09, 2005
How an Alpine Gardener Came to Be
Larry Thomas grows alpine plants on his Manhattan terrace. He grows everything from seed including trees. He is a potter, specializing in the hard-to-find Long Tom pots, and teaches ceramics at Mary Mount Manhattan College.
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published on September 07, 2004
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