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Secret Gardeners

secret gardeners seniors nursing home fertilize

July 17, 2003

Today the Secret Gardeners of Barn Hill Care Center in Newton, NJ, got a working sprayer to fertilize the gardens. Billy Farber fed the cutting garden, soaking it well. With the help of Tony Monteiro, volunteer, he moved his wheelchair around the garden to get it from all angles. Bill De Pippa fertilized the window boxes and petunias.

Everyone deadheaded flowers - marigolds, zinnias, cosmos - although the plants are still young and don't have many flowers yet.

Joyce Strader, director of recreation, brought us pink geraniums, dracaena spikes and vinca vine to plant in two pottery planters. Rosemary and a couple other ladies filled the pots with soil and planted them. Tony put them by Barn Hill's front entrance. Now, when family and friends come to visit Barn Hill residents, they'll have flowers planted by the residents' garden club.

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