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Secret Gardeners


July 24, 2003

It was hot today and not many Secret Gardeners came out to the garden. Bill de Pippa, Sophie Thomas, Millie and Sue, a new gardener, were the day's volunteers. Bill retrieved the fertilizer sprayer and used what was left from last week to feed the hanging baskets and window boxes.

Sophie, Millie and Sue sat around the cutting garden in wheelchairs and lawn chairs. They pulled the small weeds until the surface of the garden was clean. The zinnias and snapdragons are getting tall and bushing out. Maybe in a few weeks, the nursing home residents can cut some flowers for the dining room tables.

Sue really likes the purple color of the tall ageratum and wishes she could see a dress that color.

Sue went on to pull weeds with Sonia and Mary from DIG IT! out of the perennial gardens.

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